Alejandra Rosales was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana and studied at New England College in New Hampshire. Her path of Pilates  began 4 years ago when she met my own instructor Kate Collins. At that time in her life she was searching for something that encompassed all aspects of mind, body and soul. It was through her Pilates training that she realized that she has always been motivated by how to feel well and be well. Her mother was diagnosed with Lupus while Ali was quite young and since that time she remembers her mother always teaching her the importance of taking care of ones own physical, mental and emotional health. She was reminded of this throughout her practice with her Pilates mentor Kate and was inspired by how much it changed her life. This inspired and determined her to become a BASI Pilates Instructor.

In the two years that she has been working towards her certification as a BASI Instructor, she has also dived deeply into workshops with the Institute of Integrative Health. Studying the importance of healthy eating and being connected with you mind, body and soul. In her studies she has learned the importance our bio-mechanics and how to nourish the entire body. With her BASI Pilates certification and continuing education it only seems right for her to want to share with those that are searching for the same that she was once- to feel well!

So with that she’s realized her life philosophy is to find something that drives you, feel better and just keep doing it. Pilates is her do it!