Introductory package:

A special offer for those who are just starting out at Crescent City Pilates.   We begin your visit with a postural and movement assessment.  This assessment allows us to specifically design a program to meet your needs and goals.

(3) 50 min private sessions – $180


For those that are just beginning, prefer the one on one attention of an instructor, or want to fine tune their Pilates practice.

80 min private session – $95
5 session package – $460 | 10 session package – $900

50 min private session – $75
5 session package – $365| 10 session package – $700

Semi Privates:

More affordable yet still intimate instruction. A Private that is built around you and a compatible partner. Prices are per person.

50 min duet – $50
5 duet package – $235 | 10 duet package – $450

50 min trio –  $40| 10 duet package – $ 350

All Levels Group Equipment Class:

Receive individualized attention in this class of four people maximum.  All of our classes will utilize the full range of  Pilates equipment giving you a more effective and challenging workout.  Our hands- on instruction will give your brain the feedback it needs to help your body make the necessary adjustments to become stronger and more bio-mechanically sound.

$ 25 per class
10 sessions for $250